Friday, January 3, 2014

Affordable Healthcare & What Changes in Life

Here you go...Affordable Healthcare is nothing more than a sneaky tax!  I have read "Robin Hood" enough times to know what's going on, except who is rich, and who is poor, are two different things in my book.

I understand that some people in this country are not able to get health insurance, but if I walked into an emergency room I could get care without insurance.  When you see the same plan increase by 60, 70, 80 percent, how is that affordable, how is that justified?

I don't want to be given an extra tax to help those in need.  I can make the right decision and help those that I want...there is a difference.  Each life is as important as the next, but don't start selecting who deserves more because they are in more pain.

I believe that everyone should be a young democrat once in their lives.  You should want open borders, open pockets, open marriage, open education, open oceans because once in your life, you need to realize that all things are possible.

But then something changes, you start to shift in a different direction.  For me, it was somewhere between college and having my first born.

You learn that even if you speak that language fluently, you can't move to Mexico or Italy permanently with the clothes on your back and small change in your pocket.  You need real wealth, a job, and you can't stay longer than three months at a time.  Next you find out how far nine dollars and fifty cents and hour actually takes you because there is no longer a free meal.  Then you fall in love and you see the world trying to tear down the foundation of marriage.  You see that not everyone belongs in college, but they need that sixty thousand dollar education to get a ten dollar an hour job that doesn't even cover their debt.  You learn History and realize than in the 80's folks were worried about the next ice age and now you could care less about global warming or saving the polar bear because it's survival of the fittest.

So whether you stayed here and read until the end or could care less, know that I love people, I love animals, I love to travel, I love my friends and family, I donate my time and money, and I want people to make better choices.  Everyday choose to make a better choice; whether it's on food, activities, books, people, elections, etc and I guarantee little by little you can help save the world, without the assistance of "Robin Hood."

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